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F2i stands for Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture (or Funds for Italian Infrastructure).
F2i SGR SpA was established in January 2007 and is the fund management company ("società di gestione del risparmio" or "SGR") that set up the largest Italian closed-end investment fund: Fondo Italiano per le Infrastrutture - F2i, dedicated to investments in the infrastructure sector.

F2i is the result of an initiative by leading institutions, Italian banks, international investment banks, banking foundations and pension funds acting as Sponsors.

F2i SGR SpA is recorded from July 2007 to number 247 of the Bank of Italy's SGR register. Since April 29, 2015, as authorized by the Bank of Italy pursuant to the AIFMD rules, it is enrolled to number 101 of the SGR Albo, GEIFA section.

Highlights for the company are as follows:

February F2i wins the PFI "Deal of the Year" Award for the acquisition of the solar energy company RTR
March F2i signs up to the United Nations-supported PRI
July 2i Aeroporti acquires majority stake in Trieste Airport



F2i and Enel Green Power sign an agreement to refinance EF Solare Italia

July F2i purchases the entire portfolio of vegetable biomass plants of the Enel Group, becoming the leader in the sector in Italy
  2i Towers launches a Voluntary OPA on the entire share capital EI Towers
  F2i acquires 334 MW of photovoltaic parks from Terra Firma
October F2i acquires EI Towers
November F2i Third Fund Final Closing (3.6 billion euro)
  Farmacie Italiane acquires 100% of Gruppo Farmacrimi
December F2i acquires 50% of EF Solare Italia from EGP and strengthens its position in the renewable energy sector in Italy



F2i (80%) and Marguerite (20%) purchase 94.12% of Infracom from Abertis Group

  Naples Capodichino Airport (Gesac) awarded at the 2017 ACI Europe Best Airport Awards as the best European airport in its category (5-10 million passengers)
  Through its Second Fund, F2i acquires 7 wind farms (282MW of aggregate installed capacity) from Veronagest
July F2i and Marguerite acquire control of MC-Link (closing in september 2017)
October Approval by the Board of Directors of F2i of the regulations for the Third Fund
December Merger through incorporation of the First F2i Fund into the Third F2i Fund
  F2i's Third Fund First closing


January F2i sells its 100% stake in F2i Ambiente to Iren
March Agreement for the acquisition of 37.3% of KOS from Ardian (closing in May 2016)
December F2i sells its stake in Metroweb to Enel
  F2i acquires over 70% of Sogeaal - Alghero Airport


February acquisition of 100% of E.ON Climate and Renewables Italia Solar Srl
  F2i sells a 49% share of F2i Aeroporti to Ardian and Crédit Agricole Assurances and starts a partnership to support its investment strategy in the airport industry
March The Shareholders’ Assembly of F2i appoints Bernardo Bini Smaghi as Chairman of the BoD
May F2i signs a letter of intent with FSI, Wind and Vodafone to create a national fiber infrastructure through Metroweb
June F2i acquires photovoltaic parks for a total 56.4MW capacity from Cogipower (closing in july 2015)
July F2i closes its Second Fund above target at 1,242.5 million euro
October agreement between F2i and Enel Green Power to create an equal joint venture in the italian photovoltaic segment


January Ardian invests in F2i Second Fund
  2i Rete Gas (formerly Enel Rete Gas) - Gruppo F2i Reti Italia formed
July F2i enters into an agreement with Edison and EDF Energies Neuvelles: it will lead to the founding of Italy’s third largest operator in the renewable energy sector (closing in November 2014)
October the BoD of F2i appoints Renato Ravanelli as CEO and Carlo Michelini as General Manager


February conclusion of the First Fund’s investment period
July the General Meeting of Shareholders renews F2i's Corporate Bodies: Giuliano Asperti appointed President and Vito Gamberale confirmed CEO of the Fund
December F2i e Ardian acquire an additional 14.8 per cent stake in Enel Rete Gas SpA
  Ardian acquires Sponsor position in F2i's share capital
  F2i signs a binding agreement with BNL and MPS for the acquisition of 10.27 per cent of SIA SpA


February divestment of the shareholding in ENEL Stoccaggi
July approval by F2i board of directors of the Second Fund’s Regulations
August acquisition of Sasternet SpA - TLC sector
October first closing of the fund raising of the F2i Second Fund (euro 575 mln)
December acquisition by the Second Fund of 80% of TRM in partnership with Iren and Iren Ambiente - entry into the Waste-to-Energy sector
  acquisition by the First Fund of 50.8% of Sagat SpA - Aeroporto di Torino Caselle (in two tranches: 28% from the City of Turin and 22.8% from Sintonia, with final closing in January 2013)
  acquisition of 14.56% of SEA - Aeroporti di Milano SpA (partly through the First Fund, partly through the Second Fund), raising the total stake in SEA to approximately 44.3% circa


March acquisition of 5% on Gesac - Naples Capodichino Airport (increasing the total shareholding to 70%)
June acquisition of 100% of G6 Rete Gas SpA - gas distribution sector
acquisition of Metroweb SpA - TLC sector
October divestment of shareholding in Interporto Rivalta Scrivia
December acquisition of 29.7% of SEA - Aeroporti di Milano SpA - airport sector


June acquisition of Mediterranea delle Acque - water sector
October signing for acquisition of 65% of Gesac - Naples Capodichino Airport (closing in December 2010)
December signing of the investment in E.ON Rete - gas distribution sector
(closing in April 2011)


February final closing of First Fund deposit collection (1.85 billion euro)
March creation of the HFV joint venture - renewable energy sector
May acquisition of Interporto Rivalta Scrivia - logistical infrastructure
  signing of the investment in Enel Rete Gas - gas distribution sector gas (closing in September 2009)


May signing of the First Fund’s first investment, in Alerion Clean Power – renewable energy sector (closing in October 2008)
September acquisition of Enel Stoccaggi - gas storage sector
December acquisition of Infracis - highway sector (closing in December 2008)


January F2i SGR established
April F2i First Fund created
July Bank of Italy authorises F2i SGR
August Bank of Italy approves First Fund regulations
December first closing of the deposit collection (1.55 billion euro)