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Iren Acqua (formerly Mediterranea delle Acque)

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integrated water service

Investment date:
june 2010

Share acquired:

in portfolio - F2i Third Fund

Mediterranea delle Acque S.p.A. is the company resulting from the merger, in 2006, among three leading players (some of which active since the XIX century), in the water sector in the Genoa area: Genova Acque S.p.A., Acquedotti De Ferrari Galliera S.p.A. and Acquedotto Nicolay S.p.A..

The company currently manages the integrated water service in the municipality and province of Genoa (ca. 700.000 clients) through a 1.700 km aqueducts network, a 1.600 km sewer network and a water softening system comprising 31 purification plants. 

Mediterranea delle Acque aims at expanding its presence beyond the Genoa’s area and becoming one of the Italian leading operators in the water sector.