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Date of investment:
december 2011

Share acquired:

in portfolio - 36.39% F2i Third Fund (through 2i Aeroporti SpA - 51% owned by F2i Third Fund) and 8.62% F2i Second Fund

SEA S.p.A. - Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali is the management company of Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa airports, under a forty-year concession expiring in 2041.

With 29.1 million passengers in 2016, Milan airport system is the second in Italy after the Roman one.  In the cargo segment, with 527 thousand tons moved in 2015, SEA is national leader (with over 53% market share).

Malpensa is about 48 km far from Milan city and is connected to main cities of Northen Italy and Switzerland by rail and road.
Milano Linate, situated 8 km from Milan city, is the city airtport, dedicated to frequent flyer customers on domestic and intra-UE routes.

SEA, which is implementing a relevant capex plan, aimed at improving and expanding airport infrastructure. In September 2012, the Contratto di Programma with Enac concerning a new tariff scheme applicable for the next 10 years came into force.