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development and management of infrastructures and technology services

Date of investment:
may 2014

Share acquired:

in portfolio - Second F2i Fund

SIA is European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial and Central Institutions, Corporates and Public Administration bodies, in the areas of payments, e-money, network services and capital markets.

SIA Group provides its services in around 40 countries, and also operates through its subsidiaries in Hungary and South Africa. The company has offices in Milan and Brussels. In 2013, SIA managed 2.7 billion card payments and 2.2 billion credit transfers and collections, 28.6 billion trading and post-trading transactions.

SIA plays a strategic role in the Italian and European financial system: among its activities, SIA is the operator of the National Interbank Network, manages the Bank of Italy's clearing system, and is the exclusive operator of EBA STEP 2 - an international interbank clearing platform - on behalf of EBA.

Thanks to its financial interconnection infrastructure SIA Financial Ring, which directly connects SIA with 20 trading venues and over 4,800 banks participating in the transaction platform EBA STEP 2, the company is the major all-European automated clearing house.

SIA is also leader in advanced proximity technology e-payments, both via contactless cards and smartphones. It recently launched on the market an innovative system to transfer money via phone to identified recipients with immediate fund availability, directly onto their current accounts and in complete safety.