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Press releases F2i 2007

  • December 21st 2007

    Enel and F2i in alliance for gas storage

    The Enel Group, headed by Managing Director Fulvio Conti, and F2i, headed by Vito Gamberale, are joining forces to develop new storage capacity for more than 500 million cubic meters of gas, thereby optimising coverage of the winter need for gas and increasing the security of supplies. The two companies have in fact signed a memorandum to evaluate joint investments in the gas storage sector in Italy.
  • December 19th 2007

    The EUR 1.5 billion minimum investment target for F2i has been reached and exceeded

    During the board of directors meeting, F2i’s managing director, Vito Gamberale described the procedural process that led to the minimum objective of 1.5 billion euros in funding being exceeded. F2i has thus reached the first closing and is preparing to complete the startup of the first Italian fund devoted to infrastructure investments.
  • July 25th 2007

    Two F2i meetings were held today in Milan, in the new offices in Via San Prospero

    The general meeting of shareholders of F2i, the asset-management company, approved an increase in capital to give the company the financial resources required by legislation in relation to the funding target (more than two million euros). At a subsequent board meeting, F2i’s managing director, Vito Gamberale, informed the board that the Bank of Italy has authorised the asset-management company to manage assets for third parties.
  • May 31st 2007

    Entry of Merrill Lynch into SGR and approval of rules and regulations

    The general meeting of F2i shareholders approved the asset-management company’s bylaws and raised the number of board members in the wake of Merill Lynch’s entry. At the next board of directors meeting, Vito Gamberale, the managing director, stressed that the addition of Merill Lynch represents formal completion of the group of sponsors who started the Fund.
  • May 9th 2007

    Formation of the Fund's investment team

    F2i’s managing director, Vito Gamberale, addressed the board of directors, describing the initial results of recruiting, reporting that the investment team is being joined by Carlo Michelini (Senior Partner) and Corrado Santini (Partner), who will be building the investment team together with Matteo Ambroggio, formerly a partner in F2i asset-management company. The managing director also reported on progress in the Bank of Italy authorisation process, preparation for the fundraising, and on the pipeline of Fund investment sectors.
  • April 19th 2007

    The Fund's rules and regulations approved

    The F2i board of directors has approved the bylaws governing investments, investor compensation and governance. The managing director, Vito Gamberale, stressed the importance of certain clauses giving the Fund financing tools in operations relating to the infrastructure sector, mainly in Italy.
  • March 28th 2007

    Expansion of F2i's SGR Board

    The general meeting of the founding shareholders of the asset-management company F2i has decided to increase the number of members of its board of directors. Subsequently the board met and managing director Vito Gamberale described the bylaws that will be approved at a forthcoming board meeting, when the technical refinements have been completed.
  • February 28th 2007

    Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch partners in the SGR of F2i

    The group of shareholders managing F2i is being expanded with the participation of the international banks Lehman Brothers and Merill Lynch. The asset-management company’s board of directors, chaired by Salvatore Rebecchini and Managing Director Vito Gamberale has formalized the two international banks, which are joining the two major Italian banks – Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo – and the new international sponsors.
  • February 21st 2007

    F2i presented to ACRI

    Salvatore Rebecchini and Vito Gamberale, chairman and managing director of the asset-0management company that runs F2i, introduced the Fund in Acri. Gamberale stated that the minimum package for underwriting share sin the Fund will be 10 million euros, collectively accessible even for multiple Foundations so long as they are combined into a vehicle company.
  • January 23rd 2007

    Today, with the setting up of the SGR and the signing of the Agreement, the largest Infrastructure Fund in Europe has been launched

    Leading institutional partners of Italian finance, together with the country’s major credit institutions and foreign-affairs banks, are promoting the creation of F2i. Objective: establishing a Fund with an endowment of 2 billion euros. The primary sponsors will be: savings and loans, system of banking foundations, Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo. Foreign financial institutions will also be present.