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Press releases F2i 2010

  • December 21st 2010

    The purchase of GESAC (the Capodichino Airport) completed. Mario Sarcinelli appointed President

    F2i is completing acquisition of 65% of GESAC – the company that operates the Naples Capodichino International Airport – by Gruppo Ferrovial. In the wake of the operation, the Fund administered by Vito Gamberale is making its entry into the strategic airport infrastructure sector. This means one of the country’s most important assets is back in Italian hands. F2i thus becomes an industrial operator in air transport, a sector that needs major streamlining and investment.
  • December 20th 2010

    F2i and AXA Private Equity acquire 100% of E.ON Rete

    The consortium formed by F2i (85%) and AXA Private Equity (25%) has initialled an agreement for acquisition of 100% of the capital of E.ON Rete srl, up to now held 100% by E.ON Italia SpA. E.ON Rete operates in the natural gas distribution sector in Italy, with some 600,000 customers in 300 municipalities. The base value of the operation, gross of the net financial position, is 290 million euros. This reinforces the commitment of the Fund administered by Vito Gamberale in the gas distribution sector, as part of a strategy aimed at creating an independent network for energy distribution in Italy.
  • October 1st 2010

    F2i acquires 65% of GESAC (Capodichino Airport, Naples)

    F2i has signed an agreement with BAA Italia (Gruppo Ferrovial) for acquisition of a 65% interest in GESAC SpA, the company that operates the Naples Capodichino airport, held up to now by Gruppo Ferrovial. The Fund administered by Vito Gamberale is thereby expanding its presence in the strategic airport infrastructure sector. The operation’s enterprise value is 150 million euros and includes a 54% share of Software Design SpA, a company specialising in software for airports.
  • June 8th 2010

    F2i: Board of Directors meeting of June 8, 2010

    F2i’s board of directors - with an agenda that included, among other things, review of a dossier on investment in a major airport infrastructure in southern Italy – unanimously authorised its managing director, Vito Gamberale, and the investment team to continue negotiations with the seller.
  • May 24th 2010

    F2i: Establishment of a water conglomerate and global voluntary takeover bid on Mediterranea delle Acque SpA

    F2i and IAG, wholly owned subsidiaries of Iride SpA, have signed an agreement that will lead to F2i’s holding an interest in San Giacomo, a newly established company through which IAG and the Fund administered by Vito Gamberale intend to carry out a project to concentrate and develop integrated water services.
  • April 28th 2010

    F2i: General Meeting of Shareholders 2010

    F2i is reporting that the ordinary and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders have been held. Among other things, the meetings approved the financial statements as at December 31, 2009, and appointed the new board of directors. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was named chairman and Vito Gamberale general manager. The subsequent board of directors meeting reviewed the quarterly report and progress in investment activities.
  • March 25th 2010

    F2i: SGR turns a profit of 3.1 million euros

    F2i’s board of directors has approved the draft financial statement for the 2009 financial year of SGR, with a net profit of 3.1 million euros. F2i’s managing director, Vito Gamberale, reported that last year was the first and very significant full year for the asset-management company.