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Press releases F2i 2012

  • December 27th

    F2i to acquire a stake in Sagat (Turin airport) SpA

    F2i has signed a contract with Sintonia SpA for acquisition of 24.4 per cent of the share capital in SAGAT SpA, the company that manages Turin-Caselle Airport, for 30.5 million Euros, to which will be added a possible earn-out of up to 6.1 million Euros to be paid in 2014.
  • December 10th

    F2i enters the waste disposal sector

  • December 7th 2012

    F2i Statement Presented to Consob

  • October 2nd 2012

    Secondo Fondo F2i italian infrastructure fund

    After less than four years since the start of the First Fund investment period, F2i asset-management company has launched the F2i Second Fund, intended to continue the investment strategy in Italy’s main infrastructure sectors.
  • September 13th 2012

    Intesa Sanpaolo sells 12.5% of F2i Reti TLC to F2i

    Intesa Sanpaolo and F2i have signed the closing agreement for the transfer of 12,5% of F2i Reti TLC held by the bank through IMI Investimenti. F2i Reti TLC is the corporate vehicle which, with a 6.4% share, controls Metroweb SpA, the owner of the largest metropolitan fibre-optic network in Europe.
  • September 4th 2012

    Giuseppe Sammartino again collaborating with Vito Gamberale

    Giuseppe Sammartino is the new manager for External and Institutional Relations at F2i. After his experience at Alitalia CAI, Sammartino is once again collaborating with Vito Gamberale, having worked previously with him at Sip, Telecom Italia and TIM.
  • August 3rd 2012

    The agreement for the disposal of IREN's stake in Sasternet to F2i has been signed

    F2i has signed a contract with IRIDE Servizi (IREN Group) for the acquisition from the IREN Group of 85% of the capital of Sasternet SpA, a company active in the telecommunications sector that operates 365 km of optical cable and 233 km of primary infrastructure in Genoa. The Fund, administered by Vito Gamberale, is thereby enhancing its presence in the telecommunications sector and pursuing the national NGN Plan that will involve 30 Italian cities, including Genoa.
  • July 25th 2012

    Board of directors approves the F2i Second Fund

    The Board of Directors of F2i – Fondi Italiani per le infrastrutture (Italian infrastructure Funds), chaired by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, met today to resolve, among other matters, to approve the Regulations of the Second F2i Fund, dedicated to continuing investments in Italian infrastructures.
  • June 12th 2012

    F2i clarification

    Italian Infrastructure Funds – states that “regarding the interest held in Metroweb, Intesa Sanpaolo and F2i are evaluating the possibility of the credit institution’s selling off its share, believing that its own commitment has been met at this point.”
  • May 30th 2012

    F2i and FSI preparing to launch NGN plan in 30 Italian cities

    F2i and FSI (Fondo Strategico Italiano) are preparing to launch the NGN plan for development of the ultra-wide bandwidth network in 30 principal Italian cities, relying on the established know-how of Metroweb SpA. The plan was presented by the president of F2i, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, by the managing director of F2i, Vito Gamberale, and by the managing director of Metroweb, Alberto Trondoli, at a hearing of the Telecommunications Committee of the Chamber of Deputies last March 14.
  • May 28th 2012

    Agreement between F2i and FSI (Fondo Strategico Italiano)

    F2i and FSI (Fondo Strategico Italiano) will formalize an agreement calling for FSI’s entry into F2i Reti TLC through an increase in the reserve capital of 200 million euros. Following the operation, FSI will hold 46.2% of F2i Reti TLC, the vehicle that controls Metroweb SpA a 61.4% share. The capital increase will be used to finance a new fibre-optic network and to duplicate the Metroweb business model in the Milan metropolitan area in other Italian cities.
  • May 15th 2012

    Press Release

  • March 20th 2012

    Clarification on Metroweb and F2i's national NGN development Plan

    In regard to certain agency launches and articles, F2i is clarifying the shareholders' structure of the subsidiary Metroweb SpA and the roll that this company will be called upon to play in F2i’s national NGN Plan, according to what was pre-announced at a hearing of the Transport and Telecommunications Committee of the Chamber of deputies by the managing directors of F2i (Vito Gamberale) and Metroweb (Alberto Trondoli).
  • March 16th 2012

    Press Release

  • February 6th 2012

    F2i and Metroweb: agreement with the Lombardy Region on ultra-wide bandwidth

    F2i and Metroweb SpA have initialled an agreement with the Lombardy Region for development of the passive fibre-optic network in the region through Metroweb’s know-how. Based on this agreement, after a design phase, a business plan aimed at a public-private partnership for distribution of broadband in Lombardy.