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Press releases F2i 2017

  • December 13 2017

    F2i's Third Fund achieves First Closing with over €3.1 billion raised

    The first closing of F2i’s Third Fund concluded with roughly €3.14 billion raised. This figure is expected to increase to €3.3 billion by early 2018, the maximum amount allowed under the rules of the Fund itself. The Third Fund, with a 12-year duration, inherited the assets of F2i’s First Fund through a merger. The merger allowed the Third Fund to begin its activities with a truly impressive infrastructure portfolio in the sectors of airports, natural gas networks, renewable energy and integrated water operators.
  • November 24 2017

    F2i invests in the sector of energy recovery from wood biomass

    F2i SGR, on behalf of its Second Fund, has acquired from Bioenergie (60% controlled by the Faranda Group and 40% by the Equinox Fund) 100% of the capital of San Marco Bioenergie SpA. San Marco Bioenergie is active in the recovery of energy from the wood biomass generated by operations of forestry maintenance, the cleaning of riverbeds and the use of farming waste and urban greenery. The company owns a thermal power plant fuelled with solid biomass in the town of Bando d’Argenta (Province of Ferrara, Italy), a facility whose installed power capacity of 21 MW makes it one of the largest plants in operation in northern and central Italy. In 2016 the company’s revenue and gross operating margin were, respectively, about 30 million and 6 million euro.
  • November 10 2017

    Press Release

    F2i’s Board of Directors met today and appointed Massimiliano Cesare President of F2i replacing Leone Pattofatto, who resigned after taking over other functions and assignments. Massimiliano Cesare is a lawyer specialised in commercial law. He is currently President at Banca del Mezzogiorno. He also sits, inter alia, in Fincantieri’s board of directors.
  • September 27 2017

    F2i and Marguerite acquire control of KPNQWEST Italia

    F2i and Marguerite have reached an agreement for the purchase of 90% of the capital of KPNQWEST Italia (“KPNQWEST”) from the entrepreneur Marco Fiorentino. KPNQWEST supplies thousands of Italian firms with fibre optics connectivity, data centres and cloud computing services with very high reliability and performance. Those services are supplied by means of four proprietary data centres, located at the Caldera “Fibre Hub” in Milan, and a national broadband access network.
  • July 31 2017

    F2i and Marguerite acquire control of MC-link

    F2i and Marguerite have reached an agreement with a group of investors for the purchase of 89.81% of the capital of MC- link S.p.A., at an amount of 50.5 million euro. MC-link, an operator on the Italian ICT services market with registered office in Trento and operational headquarters in Rome, closed the year 2016 with turnover of 43.5 million euro, a business margin (ebitda) of 9.1 million euro and a net financial position of approximately 17.5 million euro. The transaction shall be completed through 2i Fiber S.p.A., a company that already owns 94.1% of Infracom S.p.A. and which is 80% held by the F2i Second Fund, with the other 20% belonging to Marguerite.
  • June 19 2017

    F2i and Marguerite purchase 94.12% of Infracom from Abertis Group

    F2i SGR has reached an agreement with Serenissima Partecipazioni SpA, a company controlled by the Abertis Group, for the purchase of 94.12% of the share capital of Infracom Italia SpA (“Infracom”), for an amount of EUR 57.8 million.
  • June 6 2017

    F2i purchases 282MW of wind energy capacity from Veronagest and strengthens its position in the italian renewable energy sector

    F2i SGR and Veronagest, have signed an agreement for the purchase by F2i's Secondo Fondo of one of Italy's main wind portfolio, comprised of 7 energy plants operating in Sicily and Calabria with aggregate installed capacity of 282 MW. Through this acquisition, F2i continues to grow in the renewal energy sector, with the objective of fostering the development of large specialised operators able to harness significant operational and financial efficiency. Indeed the Veronagest are additional to the other wind assets already held by Fondo F2i, which include 70% of the company E2i (approximately 600 MW installed and 165 MW under construction) and ownership of 16% of Alerion. With plant capacity in excess of 1000 MW, F2i has now become one of the main sector operators in the Italy.