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Investments Area

This area handles all processes of selection, structuring and valuation of investments in the infrastructure sector, as well as their subsequent management and development, in coordination with the portfolio management and finance area. It also handles relations with investors.

carlo_michelini_small > Carlo Michelini
general manager and chief investment officer
mauro_miglio > Mauro Miglio
senior partner
corrado_santini_small > Corrado Santini
senior partner
fabio_albano_small > Fabio Albano
matteo_ambroggio_small > Matteo Ambroggio
laura_pascotto_small > Laura Pascotto
cecilia_todarello_small > Cecilia Todarello
junior partner
paolo_bugini_small > Paolo Bugini
investment director
  Bianca Ambrosini
investment manager
paola_coscetta_small > Paola Coscetta
investment manager
  Fulvio Occhigrossi