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Renato Ravanelli – CEO

Renato Ravanelli

Renato Ravanelli - Education

Degree in business and economics, Catholic University, Milan

Renato Ravanelli - Professional experience

In F2i since 2014

General Manager



Renato Ravanelli was appointed Chief Executive Officer in October 2014 to lead F2i’s team and supervise all investments.

He brings with him strong technical and financial knowledge, as well as extensive management experience of industrial companies. In his career, he was responsible of M&A transactions with a total value in excess of €16 bln.

In addition, he is highly respected within the infrastructure industry and Italian utilities market, providing an extensive business and institutional network. Married with 3 children, he is 52 years old.

Renato Ravanelli obtained a degree with Honours in Economics from the Catholic University of Milan.

Soon after his studies, he dedicated one year as researcher fellow, focusing his activity on the insurance and public utilities sectors, with a special focus on regulatory matters.

After this experience, he spent four years working as a macroeconomist and as industrial analyst in the Economic Research and in the Merchant Banking departments of two reputable Italian financial institutions.

The main part of his career, before joining F2i, was spent in several management roles within the energy and utility sectors for listed companies:

  • in 1996 he joined AEM, the largest italian regional multiutility based in Milan, heading the company’s research department and playing a significant part in the company’s market listing. He later became the Strategy Director of the Group, where he was also the CEO of the electric power and gas trading company. He was eventually promoted to Group Chief Financial Officer;
  • between 2005 and 2007 he was Chief Financial Officer and Executive Member of the Edison Group's Board of Directors. Edison, at that time jointly owned by Edf and some italian energy players, was the second largest power generation and gas player in Italy;
  • from early 2008 to mid-2014, he was Managing Director and member of the Executive Board of A2A Group. The A2A Group is the largest italian multiutility, operating with his 13.000 employees in several sectors within the energy industry: power generation, gas and electricity network management, gas and electricity sale, cogeneration and central heating, waste management (collection and disposal), traffic and public lighting.

Renato Ravanelli has been an independent member of Inframed's investment committee since 2010. Inframed, based in Paris, is an infrastructure fund aiming to develop strategic infrastructure in the regions of Northern Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

As F2i's CEO, Mr Ravanelli is responsible of the team and supervises all the transactions and the asset management activities of F2i. He is actively involved in deal origination, negotiation of key deal terms and takes active part in key strategic decisions of portfolio companies.