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Third Fund

The Third F2i Fund was established by the Board of Directors of F2i, which approved its regulations in October of 2017.

In December of 2017, the First F2i Fund was merged into the Third F2i Fund through incorporation, with the Third Fund inheriting all the assets of the First. At the same time, the first closing of the Third F2i Fund took place, with a total of 3.1424 billion Euro having been collected out of the maximum allowed amount, under the regulations in force as of that date, of 3.3 billion Euro, a figure subsequently increased to 3.6 billion Euro. On june 2018 the second closing took place, with additional funding of 296.6 bln: to date, the overall commitment of the Third Fund has reached € 3,438.9 billion. 
As in the case of the First and Second Funds, the mission of the Third Fund is to become a major investor and long-term partner in the infrastructure sector. To this end, the Third F2i Fund can count on:
  • Top-flight investors: consisting of leading financial institutions and pension funds, both in Italy and abroad. As of its first closing, the investors in the Third Fund, whose shares are still being marketed, were divided among Italian institutional investors, which accounted for approximately 49%, and major foreign investors, representing the remaining 51%.  
  • Management: the management team consists of professionals with high-level experience in the sector, as well as expertise and know-how in business and finance. 
  • Sector of operation: the infrastructure sector presents noteworthy investment opportunities. What is more, the Third F2i Fund has inherited the shareholdings of First F2i Fund in companies operating on four different infrastructure platforms (distribution of gas, airport management, solar generation of electricity, integrated water supply cycle). As leaders in their sectors of operation, these companies present still more opportunities for development and growth. 
The Fund acts to bring together and forge alliances with public and private institutions operating in the national and european infrastructure sector. It participates in privatisation processes, in consolidating relations with local institutions and private businesses, bringing together Italian and international investors.