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The Third Fund has three supervisory bodies in which core investors are directly involved: the Special Committee,the Advisory Committee and the Conflicts Committee.

Special Committee

Consisting of the external members of the Investment Committee, it expresses binding opinions regarding operations of the Fund that exceed certain thresholds.

Advisory Committee

It consists leading figures in the worlds of business and finance, both in Italy and internationally, who are appointed by the core investors (investors with a minimum commitment of 150 million Euro), as well as investors who were core investors of the First Fund and have maintained a minimum commitment of 56 million Euro in the Third Fund.

The Advisory Committee provides the Board of Directors of F2i SGR with its opinions on a number of situations contemplated under the Fund’s regulations, and in support of operating policies. Under certain circumstances, its opinion is binding, as in the case of major conflicts of interest or the replacement of key executives, and in instances in which certain limits placed on the Fund’s investment policy are exceeded.

Conflicts Committee

Consisting of three members of the Advisory Committee, it is the body called on to express opinions that are binding on the Board of Directors of F2i SGR in the event of conflicts of interest arising from consulting contracts or services purchased from shareholders or related entities.