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RSS feeds are a simple way to keep up to date without always having to visit the websites that interest you.

With RSS feeds you can receive new content directly and automatically on your pc or mobile.
That includes text, video and audio files as well as documents.

With the RSS Feeds from F2i SGR you can automatically receive on a daily basis, directly on your pc or mobile, updates on:

ico_big_rss.gif_1998446904 press statements
ico_big_rss.gif_1998446904 press review

How to use RSS Feeds

ico_big_rssThe icon which confirms you can activate an RSS feed is an orange box with a white radio wave inside it.
The most up to date browsers allow you to activate RSS feeds on your desktop or online just by clicking on this icon (if the feed is available for the chosen website).

On a desktop or online?
You can store and read your RSS feeds online, with a web feed reader, or on your desktop.
Online feed readers allow you to view your RSS wherever you are, while desktop readers - that do not require access to any browser - allow you to work offline and often offer a series of additional functions.
The most popular online feed reader is Google Reader, which is free and easy to use. You can access it by using the same Google and Google Mail accounts, from your Calendar or Documents.
If you want to take the RSS feed and place it manually in the feed reader, just right-click (control-click on Mac) on the button and select "save destination". This will copy the URL so that you paste it wherever you want.

What can you do with RSS Feeds?

  • Share calendars - using services like Google Calendar
  • Tracking of selected listings - like Craigslist
  • Monitor auctions - like on ebay

And much more....