Funds Governance

Bodies of the Funds

The Second Fund, the Third Fund, the ANIA F2i Fund and the Fondo per le Infrastrutture sostenibili have established two bodies with representatives of the investors according to each Fund rules: the Advisory Committee and the Conflict Committee.
The Infrastructure Debt Fund 1 has established Sub-Fund Advisory Commitees and the Fund Advisory Committee, attended by representatives of the investors according to the Fund rules.

Advisory committee

Composed of influential members of the Italian and international industrial and financial world, appointed by the investors according to the regulation of each fund. The Advisory Committee delivers its opinions in certain cases specified by the Fund’s rules, including in support of management policies. In some cases, its opinion is mandatory and binding, for instance concerning the replacement of a key manager or exceptions to constraints on the Fund’s investment policy and in relation to the main situations of conflict of interest.

Conflict Committee

Composed of three members of the Advisory Committee, this body issues binding opinions on conflict of interest transactions not falling within the competence of the Advisory Committee.