F2I - Fondi italiani per le infrastrutture

  • Investment date: September 2009<br/>Distribution networks of natural gas across the whole Italian territory. Methanization of many municipalities of the South.
  • Investment date: April 2009 (formerly HFV)<br /> Joint venture between F2i and Enel Green Power in the photovoltaic sector
  • Investment date: January 2009<br/>Management of motorway infrastructure, particularly connections in the North-East.
  • Investment date: December 2010<br/>Management, development and renewal of the infrastructure of Naples Capodichino international airport.
  • Investment date: June 2010<br/>Networks of aqueducts, sewage and purifiers for the management of the integrated water service of the province of Genoa.
  • Investment date: December 2011<br/>Complete management of the Linate and Malpensa airports of Milan: the ninth largest airport system in Europe.
  • Investment date: January 2013<br/>Management of the Turin Caselle civil airport: cutting-edge infrastructure and high standards.


F2i is an asset management company established in 2007. Led by CEO Renato Ravanelli.

It is Italy’s leading closed-end fund and among the largest in Europe with assets under management of about 5 billion euro invested in key sectors: airports, renewables, natural-gas distribution, integrated waterworks, telecommunications, logical networks and healthcare. Through its subsidiaries, F2i provides employment to more than 17,000 people in Italy. Every day millions of users draw on the services and infrastructures of the companies in its portfolio.

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The Third Fund

In December 2017, the assets of F2i’s First Fund were placed in its Third Fund, following the merger through incorporation of the First Fund into the Third.

After a first closing, with total funds of 3,124.4 bln, and with an allowed maximum amount increased from 3,300 millions to 3,600 millions, on 13th June 2018 a second closing took place and on 8th November F2i announced the final closing that reached 3.6 billion euros, 600 million euros higher than the target set in December 2017, at the time of the launch of the Fund.

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The investors of the Second and the Third Funds fall into two main categories:

  • Investors that are not only subscribers of the Second Fund (Sponsors, holders of A shares) and/or the Third Fund, but also shareholders of SGR.
  • Investors that are only subscribers of the Second Fund (Limited Partners, holders of B shares) and/or the Third Fund.
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F2i - Italy's largest infrastructure fund, headed by Renato Ravanelli - has signed up to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), showing its commitment to incorporating ESG (Environmental Social Governance) principles at all levels of its investment and governance strategy.
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F2iFondi italiani per le infrastrutture (Italian Funds for infrastructure) Società di Gestione del Risparmio S.p.A. (F2i SGR) announces hereby the adhesion to the “Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie” (Arbitrator for Financial Disputes) (ACF), of-court dispute resolution system in the financial field between brokers and individual investors other than eligible counterparties refferred to in art. 6 paragraph 2 -quater, letter d), and professional customers refferred in the following paragraphs 2 -quinquies and 2 -sexies of the TUF, governed by Consob.It is specified that the right to appeal to the Arbitrator himself can not be waived by the investor and is always exercisable, even in the presence of devolution clauses of disputes with other of-court dispute resolution bodies contained in the contracts.For more information, see the Authority's website of Consob Supervision: www.consob.it e www.act.consob.it

Press releases

August 1 2019
F2i Holding Portuale has been created

Press review

F2i conquista lo scalo di Trieste e punta al milione di passeggeri

F2i SGR SpA - Fondi italiani per le infrastrutture is a Società di Gestione del Risparmio (asset management company) that has been active since January 2007 with investments in the infrastructure sector.

It was founded on the basis of the joint vision of a highly experienced management team, leading Italian and foreign credit Institutions, Foundations and social security funds. F2i invests in various sectors that are of strategic relevance for the infrastructural development of the Country: airports, motorways, gas distribution, integrated water services, TLC, renewable energies, local public services and social infrastructure.

On December 13th, the F2i Third Fund was set up, with the participation of leading national and international investors. The F2i Third Fund inherited all the assets previously owned by the First Fund, after its merger into the Third Fund.

Since July 2007 F2i SGR SpA is registered at number 247 in the register of SGRs held by the Bank of Italy.