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Press releases F2i 2008

  • September 26th 2008

    Agreement between ENEL and F2I to develop natural gas storage projects in Italy

    Enel Trade SpA has sold to F2i 49% of Enel Stoccaggi Srl for a price of approximately 6.2 million euros. Enel Stoccaggi will continue the technical/administrative process begun by Enel Trade at the Romanengo storage site, the reconversion project calls for a storage capacity of about 300 million cubic meters with commissioning in 2012.
  • March 17th 2008

    Understandings to be signed with Alerion on renewable energy

    F2i’s board of directors has decided to sign an agreement with Alerion Industries SpA, a company operating in the production of electricity from renewable sources. The agreement calls for F2i to underwrite an increase in Alerion’s capital. F2i’s managing director stated that the Fund’s entry into the strategic renewable-energy sector lays the groundwork for the creation of a network hub that will contribute towards qualifying this new segment industrially, financially and in terms of development.