F2i SGR currently manages five Funds, four equity funds and a debt fund, for a total of over 7 billion euro of assets under management.

  • Four Equity Funds:
    • Fund II (1.24 billion euro, maturity in 2025)
    • Fund III (3.6 billion euro, maturity in 2029)
    • ANIA Fund IV (516 million euro, maturity in 2030)
    • Fund V for Sustainable Infrastructures (1.563 billion euro, exceeding the initial fundraising target of 1.5 billion., maturity in 2036)

The first F2i Fund was successfully closed in December 2017.

  • A Debt Fund (456 million euro, in fundraising target 500 million euro)

The subscribers of our funds are primary Italian and foreign institutional investors: pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, bank foundations, sovereign funds, banks and public institutions.

Investors breakdown
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