F2i’s investment policy aims to create a diversified portfolio of holdings in companies active in all infrastructure sectors, mainly in Italy. F2i seeks to acquire qualified majority or minority interests, enabling us to play a significant role in the companies’ governance in the pursuit of value creation, aggregating existing operators to reach a scale appropriate to the type of business carried out.

The ultimate aim is to create lasting value and ensure stable and solid returns for investors.


Investment Sectors

Transport and Logistics

Airports, ports motorways and rail-freight transport. With its infrastructure F2i's subsidiaries unite Italy and connect it with the world.

Energy for Transition

F2i has been one of the first funds in Italy to believe and invest in renewable energy sources: wind, solar and biomass.

Distribution Networks

With 2i Rete Gas, the second largest gas distributor in Italy, F2i brings energy to 4.9 million users throughout the country.

Telecommunications Networks

The Fund's entry into telecommunications dates back to 2011 with the investment in Metroweb and the subsequent commitment to the development of its fiber optic infrastructure.

Health and social care facilities

In 2016 F2i expanded to this key sector of the national economy: through a 40% stake in Kos, F2i invested in one of the leading Italian health groups.

Circular Economy

Through the Fund for Sustainable Infrastructure, established in 2021, F2i has begun to invest in companies operating in the infrastructure sector that can combine industrial growth with progressive and continuous improvement of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) parameters.