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F2i Sgr successfully achieves the final closing of the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili exceeding its original target


F2i Sgr successfully achieves the final closing of the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili exceeding its original target

The fundraising, which started in May 2021, has exceeded the target of 1.5 billion euros, already four investments have been made in strategic sustainability sectors

Milan, 19 December 2023 – F2i Sgr, Italy’s largest infrastructure fund and among the largest in Europe, announces the successful conclusion of the fundraising period for the Fifth Fund, the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili, with a total endowment of 1.563 billion euros, exceeding the initial fundraising target of 1.5 billion. The total funding amount of the five funds currently managed by F2i reaches €7.4 billion. 

The Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili was created with the aim of promoting investments in companies operating in the infrastructure sector that combine industrial growth with progressive and continuous improvements in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) parameters. It qualifies as a product under Article 8 of the EU SFDR Regulation, promoting environmental and social characteristics in adherence to principles of good governance. In the two years since its launch, the Fund has already made four significant investments in strategic sustainability sectors: circular economy, energy transition and socio-healthcare infrastructures. 
The Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili portfolio currently holds: 

  • ReLife, the leading private Italian operator active in recycling, energy recovery and reuse of paper and plastic packaging products. With the acquisition of the majority stake in ReLife, a process begun to create a national champion in the circular economy sector, equipping the Group with resources and expertise to carry out an ambitious development plan, including through acquisitions which have enabled ReLife to strengthen its position;
  • Ital Gas Storage, a leading independent operator that manages the natural gas storage facility in Cornegliano Laudense (Lodi). The storage facility, built in a depleted natural gas field, is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Thanks to its advanced performance capabilities, it benefits the national energy system in terms of security, adequacy, and flexibility, helping to protect the country from geopolitical supply risks and rapid, unplanned changes in energy demand or electricity production from non-programmable renewable energy sources;
  • a portfolio of wind plants located mainly in northern Spain. This investment strengthens, F2i’s presence in the sector of power generation from renewable sources in Spain, which started in 2019 with the acquisition of Spanish company Renovalia by EF Solare Italia, Italy’s leading photovoltaic operator and among the first in Europe, controlled by F2i Third Fund. 
  • F2i Medtech (formerly Althea Group), Italy’s leading private provider of integrated biomedical infrastructure management services for public and private hospitals. The Althea Group operates in Italy, where it is a technology partner to more than 230 public and private hospitals, and abroad. With F2i’s support, the group aims to play a leading role in modernising the technology of the biomedical infrastructure that the Italian healthcare system urgently needs.

The successful fundraising of the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili once again demonstrates F2i Sgr’s ability to channel capital from Italian and international investors into strategic sectors for the country’s growth, establishing a pan-European platform in the service of both capital and citizens,” said CEO Renato Ravanelli.“Promoting harmonious infrastructure development that is attentive to environmental and social issues is a priority that F2i shares with its institutional investors”. 

In addition to the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili, F2i Sgr currently manages the Second Fund (€1.242 billion), the Third Fund (€3.6 billion), the F2i-ANIA Fund (€516 million), and its platform of 23 companies engages approximately 24.000 people. From 2021, alongside the Equity fonds, F2i also manages IDF1, the first infrastructure debt fund that is completing its fundraising process, with a target of €500 million.