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F2i supports the Fondazione Una Nessuna Centomila


F2i supports the Fondazione Una Nessuna Centomila
Substantial support for anti-violence centres

Milan, 09 January 2024 – With a donation of 500 thousand euros to the Fondazione Una Nessuna Centomila, F2i Sgr, Italy's leading infrastructure fund manager, provides significant support to anti-violence centres and organisations working in Italy to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against minors.

The Fondazione Una Nessuna Centomila has identified seven anti-violence centres, all of which will benefit from F2i's donation. Each centre will receive a contribution proportionate to its specific needs. The donation will be used specifically to support the current expenses and operating costs of the associations: Ipazia in Siracusa, Impegno Donna in Foggia, Donne e Giustizia in Ancona, Forum Donne in Amelia, and to support specific innovative projects for Be Free Cooperativa Sociale contro tratta, violenze e discriminazioni, which will use the funds for social farming projects to support the financial independence of women leaving violent situations; Centri Antiviolenza E. M.M.A. - libErtà, autodeterMination, eMancipazione, Autonomia - ETS of Turin, which will allocate funds to the construction of the "Help House Girls" structure; SVS Donna Aiuta Donna of Milan, which will allocate funds to the Cascina Ri-Nascita project.

"We have chosen to get involved with Una Nessuna Centomila because we are aware of the importance of the network of anti-violence centres throughout the country in preventing the dramatic events that we have all witnessed recently. This is an important contribution that will allow the centres to obtain more resources and to expand their capabilities and organisations", commented Renato Ravanelli, Chief Executive Officer of F2i Sgr.

According to data published by ISTAT on 24 November, 60,751 women contacted one of the 385 active anti-violence centres throughout Italy at least once in 2022, 7.8% more than in 2021. The anti-violence centres are staffed by 5,916 women who, in 48.7% of cases, provide their services exclusively on a voluntary basis.

"Anti-violence centres employ specialised staff whose specific training is provided by the centres themselves through tailored courses, mentoring and supervision," explains Giulia Minoli, Chair of the Fondazione Una Nessuna Centomila. "The stabilisation of these invaluable human resources, their continuous training and the professional supervision of the teams are a top priority for all anti-violence centres. This is essential to ensure continuity in interventions that too often rely on the availability of volunteers."

Una Nessuna Centomila was founded in 2022 after the eponymous concert in Campovolo (Reggio Emilia), which raised 2 million euros and supported 7 anti-violence centres. It was founded by Giulia Minoli, Celeste Costantino and Lella Palladino and its honorary chair is Fiorella Mannoia.

"One of the objectives of the Foundation," explains Giulia Minoli, "is to secure the necessary resources by increasing the quantity and quality of funding to support anti-violence centres, to give them visibility, to share their knowledge and to build alliances across networks”.