Corrado Santini

Senior Partner


Corrado Santini has been with F2i since 2007, and a Senior Partner in the Equity Investment Team since 2010. He managed the investments in renewables with EF, RTR, Veronagest, San Marco, Renovalia (Spain) and Tramontana (Spain), as well as the acquisition of Sorgenia, the port companies PdC, Marter-Neri and CPM and also the waste management companies TRM and Relife, and the minority stake in Iren Acqua. He took part in the creation of the Enel Stoccaggi joint venture.
Prior to joining F2i, Corrado was head of BBVA’s Italian Project Finance business, where he was involved in more than 70 structured financing transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors (mostly as main MLA).
He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Parma and an MBA from Insead (France).
He is a member of the Board of Directors of Sorgenia, EF Solare, F2i Holding Portuale, MarterNeri, ReLife and is also Deputy Chairman of IREN Acqua.