Edoardo Freschi

Associate, Funds Management BU


Edoardo Freschi has been an Associate of the Funds Management Business Unit since 2010. He manages investor calls and distributions, prepares financial reports for the funds and handles periodic reports to the Supervisory Authorities. He organises the planning for the treasury of the funds, the use of resources from the collection of dividends and current expenditure management.

Prior to joining F2i, Edoardo was Financial Reporting Analyst for General Motors Acceptance Corporations dealing with the management of administrative, accounting and tax processes, the analysis of automotive market data and reporting packages. For a period of two years he was coordinator of the retail customer management group. Previously, he was Junior Audit Accountant for Deloitte&Touche in the banking and finance sector.

He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from La Sapienza University in Rome.