Renato Ravanelli



Renato Ravanelli has been Chief Executive Officer of F2i since October 2014. Bringing to the company his robust technical and financial knowledge, coupled with extensive management experience in the energy and utilities sector, he leads the F2i team and oversees all investments. 

Throughout his career, he has managed M&A operations with a total value of € 20 billion. A respected expert in the infrastructure sector and the Italian utilities market, he has an extensive network of institutional and business relations. 

After graduating with honours in Economics from the Cattolica University of Milan, he began his career as a researcher, then as a macro-economist and industrial analyst in the Economic Research departments of leading Italian financial institutions. 

Prior to joining F2i, he held for many years senior management positions in the energy and utilities sectors in listed companies:

  • from 1996 to 2005 he scaled the management ladder in Aem, the main regional multi-utility in Italy, managing its listing process on the Italian Stock Exchange, after which he was appointed Strategy Director and later promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Group;
  • between 2005 and 2007, he was CFO and Executive Member of the Board of Directors of the Edison Group, one of Italy’s largest operators in electricity generation and the marketing of natural gas; from 2008 to 2014, he was Managing Director and member of the Executive Board of the A2A Group, the main Italian multi-utility, operating with its 13,000 employees in various sectors of the energy industry. 

Since 2010, Renato Ravanelli has been an independent member of the Investment Committee of Inframed, the largest European infrastructure fund dedicated to the development of strategic infrastructures in the regions of North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. 

F2i’s CEO is responsible for all the activities of our AMC and the funds we manage, with particular regard to investment projects and the strategic decisions of the companies held in our portfolio.